by Silver Torches

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"...(Woman In Rust) ends exactly too soon: It builds and builds, piling on pleasing ingredients en route to just one grand chorus, at which point it pulls a quick fade. I've actually cranked it in my car, hit the final seconds and exclaimed, "No!" — at which point I've had to start the whole thing over again." - Stephen Thompson (NPR)

"...an impeccably crafted set of folk-tinged pop-rock reminiscent at times of Ryan Adams. The album features a warm, often-melancholy sound combining acoustic and electric guitars and a variety of keyboards with Walters' raspy vocals, heartfelt lyrics and wistful melodies." - Don Yates,

"... Walters’s music tells a story, whether of an old friend or a long drive, and those stories are bound to trigger some memories.” - Lemonade Magazine

"...a soothing sonic delight in our overly-compressed world." - NW Music Scene


released January 1, 2016

Produced by Steven Aguilar and Erik Walters
Music and lyrics by Erik Walters

Recorded in Seattle, WA at Soundhouse Studio, The Hall of Justice and a barn on Orcas Island

Engineered and mixed by Steven Aguilar
Mastered by Ed Brooks - Resonant Mastering
Additional engineering by Andy Park and Henri Bardot
Cover photo by Erik Walters
Design by Erik Walters

Erik Walters - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ, Synth
Sean Lane - Drums, Percussion, Bike
Emily Westman - Piano
Steven Aguilar - BGVs, Synth
Henri Bardot - Organ
Ed Brooks - Pedal Steel

© 2016 Erik J. Walters | All rights reserved
Publishing as administered by Rough Trade Songs (BMI)



all rights reserved


Silver Torches Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: Woman In Rust
Oh that night you locked me out on the street I was rueful and anxious
Went stumbling along with a buck in my palm to tip a bartender thankless
Mumbling drunk through a sea of words I was searching for purpose
The night was alive and young and the air still burned like a furnace

Tried to find the door where my old man came of age in Sacramento
Took a rest at a store with a red tile floor bought some warm Green Jello
There’s a woman in rust collecting change for a bus to get her home
She’s a bit uneasy but don’t mind the feeling of being alone

I’m tired and aimlessly roam
There’s nowhere I’m looking to go
I just follow the lines of the road
I follow the lines of the road
Track Name: Cal
At a dive on the hill with Noah
He's a friend I'll take to the end
Sipping beers talking records and women
And the hours wasted on them
Start thinking about a girl from Ohio
And the night she showed me some skin
Fell asleep on the floor of her bedroom
Though her sheets were calling me in


I know we haven't talked in a while
I haven't seen your face in three years
Somehow it's hard to pick up the dial
It's so easy to disappear


Drove that long road up the mountain
In the town where we gave up the ghost
Got as far along as your doorstep
Before my conscious told me to go

Track Name: Dearborn
We’re up late on the deck, sunburned on our necks
Smoking straights in the glow of the porchlight
I’ve been toying around with a quick ride into town
Thinking I’d find her with her girls at the Redwood or the Twilight

But I’m warm and I’m round and content on sipping down
This watery brown with a blood cherry sinking
Lost my keys in the creases and folds of the couch
And I don’t feel much like driving or leaving anyhow

There’s a fire tonight nearby that burns so bright
Seemed like days those sirens were singing
I lay out on the lanw where the dew had settled on
To be still and calm my thinking

It’s hard to feel alive sometimes
When nothing seems enough to keep my satisfied

On the way up to my room
The faces blurry now and so askew
I swear I felt the whole world move

The fairweathered had gone when I passed out cold and long
In my shoes and Goodwill jacket
It’s late enough for the robin’s hungry song
And the humming tides of traffic
Around noon I awake to the mailman’s weary groan
My body’s sore and my will is sinking
My shift starts soon but my mind is numb like stone
Still choking back whatever I’d been drinking
Track Name: New Year
Last call had come and gone
And we're the last ones at the party
When the band starts up a song
Oh the way she moves her body

I'm head over heels
She's the only thing that's real

I forget to ask her name
I forget to tie the tether
She embarks at the refrain
So I stumble chasing after

On the way to the car
Cannons in the dark
She fades into light
She fades into morning

Alone on the pier
Nothing for me here
As Saturday night
Fades into Sunday

A year begins again
Track Name: Old Friend
It’s been so long since the last time I saw you
I think it was the winter of ‘04
You were playing songs you wrote for Francis and Orlando
At your apartment on the kitchen floor

I don’t know why I can’t find the time to call you
Don’t know where or why things went so wrong
I miss our late night beer runs in the summer
Watching Die Hard and drinking with your mom

Old friend
Where have you gone?

I hear your sister is keeping the child
Heard you hitched up with that Swedish girl
I wish I’d been there when your old man cashed his chips in
Wish I’d been around to make you smile

Old friend
It’s been awhile

Let’s grab a drink and talk it over
Raise a glass to better years getting older
It’s such a chore to make amends
We’ve been waiting too long
Don’t matter who was right or wrong

Old friend
Where have you gone?
Track Name: I Was A King
I was a dreamer with a plan for the world
A golden child with sails unfurled
With a vision, I made a promise to myself
I’d get a house and a dog and a girl and all would be well

I’d be a king
I’d be a king to everyone

I’d stay honest, keep my head on the ground
I’d like here all my life, never a stranger to the town
I’d light a fire when your hands were getting cold
I’d skip the punchline when the joke had gotten old

I’d be a king
I’d be a king to everyone
And they all would know my name

Five in the morning, woke up feeling like a mess
The house is dark and cold, I lost my job like the rest
Make some breakfast, spill some coffee on my chest
I break the kettle, slam the door, leave the nest

I was ashamed
My head was in flames
I’d never be the king
Never the king I thought I’d be

To anyone, you or me
Track Name: State Route 27
I’ve been driving all night out on State Route 27
Slugging on a bottle of wine from the south hill 7-Eleven
And I’ve got Big Star blaring, eyes out for cops in the mirror
I turn off my headlights to get high from the fear

I don’t know where I’m going
Out here the world looks sedate
Cruising down the highway
In my dad’s old Chevrolet

Make my way past the hideout where the kids go to get high
Post Rocky Horror picture show, dressed up like Furtur’s Golden Boy
And I drive over twin bridges, still love the smell of my street
I’m homesick for a feeling that won’t quit me or retreat

Someday I think I’ll move back here
And buy a hosue for dirt cheap
Settle down, grow old and be dug
In the ground next to Dorothy and Pete

Nothing’s the same but this still feels just like home
Nothing’s the same but this still feels just like home
Nothing’s the same but this still feels just like home

I’ll haunt the bars with Nathan
We’ve been buds since thirteen
He’s still making me laugh
Until I can barely breathe

Someday this weight will be lifted
Someday I’ll finally sleep
Someday I’ll make some sense of it all
In this worn out driver’s seat